Hoverla is a Polish-Ukrainian folk-rock musical group from Wroclaw (Poland) whose creation is deeply rooted in the Polish, Ukrainian and Lemko folk music. The unique quality of the band is the blend of traditional folk tunes with imaginative compositions that integrate contemporary genres like rock, jazz, reggae, or ska. The lyrics are in Ukrainina, Lemko, and Polish. The powerful, rock-driven rhythm section, combined with brisk folk fiddle, accordion and vibrant, Slavic vocals all form the building blocks that together complement invariably energetic and passionate live performances.


Alicja Bezdziczek - violin, vocal

Gosia Nawrot - vocal

Paweł "Alex" Aleksanderek - guitar acoustic, vocal

Dawid Makowski - bas

Jakub Niwiński – drums

Tomek "Harmoniusz" Kubala – accordion, vocal

Michał Matczak - electric guitar